Ryan and Dan Kowarsky are identical twins whose inherent capacity to keep music genuine, captivating, and distinct has gained them the respect of audiences the world over. They exploded onto the music scene at age 17, after a spontaneous performance for the executives of Sony Music Canada, and walked out with a recording contract as boy band “b4-4”. This life-changing experience – which earned them a JUNO nomination – prepared them for the extraordinary success that was to come as the duo “RyanDan”. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2007, hit the top ten in 4 countries worldwide, making them the first twin act ever to hit the top ten. Placing 4th in Hong Kong, 6th on the British Charts, 7th in the UK and 9th in Canada, catapulted the album into Gold certification after just 6 weeks in Canada and a feature on So You Think You Can Dance Canada for the memorable hit, “The Face”. The magnitude of emotion and power that surrounds their music transmits itself personally to each listener. Untouched by artificial technological enhancements, their voices are raw and real. ”The art and purity of singing has, to a large degree, been lost” explains Ryan.

While performing at the Air Canada Centre, sharing the stage with Bryan Adams, Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan and Jan Arden, RyanDan joined Bryan Adams on stage to sing his hit song “Heaven” in front of an audience of over 20,000 people. They were invited to have breakfast with Adams the following morning for mentorship on their musical careers.

The multi—talented twins have illustrated their musical diversity behind the spotlight, remaining humble about their vocal and production chops alongside Mia Martina in the 2011 winter hit “Stereo Love” – which has had over 13 million views on Youtube, and garnered yet another Juno Nomination. Passionate about writing and producing music, their talents have taken them to incredible heights – producing numerous top 40 hits for other artists, including: “Latin Moon” by Mia Martina, “Relax” by Blake McGrath, “Feel It” by Shawn Desman and Danny Fernandes, “Girlfriend” and “Please Don’t Go (Say I Love You)” by Tyler Medeiros, amongst others. Currently writing in studio with Massari and Degrassi’s Alicia Josipovic, Ryan and Dan stay focused on developing unique and memorable sounds for today’s hottest artists.

“Imagine”, The Kowarsky twins’ sophomore album consists of ten co-written tracks including a remake of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, and a collaboration with world renowned Charles Cozens in production and orchestration. After the success of “The Face” from their debut record, RyanDan hit the studio again and co-penned “Beyond The Blue” with Stephan Moccio, who’s previous hits include Celine Dion’s “A New Day Has Come”. Much like their track “Tears of an Angel” on their debut record “Beyond the Blue” is dedicated to their late niece, who passed away from cancer at the tender age of 4. “The song’s perspective touches upon a mother’s loss of a child, while having the strength to let go of a lost one, and we have dedicated it to our niece, may you Rest in Peace”. – Dan Kowarsky. Inspired by Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti, and pop superstars Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera, the compositions “What If” and “Blameless” ooze with emotion and depth, while maintaining the resonance and rhythm for a lasting sound. “What If is a personal favourite on the album, as it deals with issues such as poverty, addiction, abuse and such, which we’ve chosen to look at from a perspective of being able to turn back time and take it all back” Ryan notes. Penning classics relevant to issues and problems in today’s society, “Break the Silence” adds to the depth of the record, while touching upon the resolution of a long standing issue “This song is about never having the chance to break the silence of a relationship gone sour, because it was too late” says Dan Kowarsky. To no one’s surprise, RyanDan have co-written another track which has already earned nods and awards across the nation, entitled “Believer”. While the 2010 Billboard Song Awards gave “Believer” an Honourable Mention, the song was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest and the Music City Songwriting Competition. Their incomparable signature harmonies permeate the entire album, including a cover of Journey’s power-ballad “Open Arms”.

Suffice it to say that just three years after the release of RyanDan’s debut album they have once again produced a brilliant record that appeals to audiences of all ages. “As always, we want our music to stand the test of time. We pour our hearts and our souls into our singing, and we want people to feel that passion.” says Dan. International singer-songwriter, Shania Twain concurs: “The album by Canadian twins RyanDan brought me to my knees in complete, uncontrollable tears and also gave me a feeling of peace and inspiration.” With RyanDan’s astounding vocals and an uncanny ability to hit the high notes, the duo is rapidly achieving worldwide acclaim, and “Imagine” is just the beginning.